Bio Architecture Lab Technology Partners With Xunshan Group to Develop Integrated Bio-Refinery for Fuels, Chemicals & Co-Products From Brown Seaweed

Global Partnership Connects the World's Largest Producer of Seaweed With Leading Biotechnology Company to Convert Seaweed Into Renewable Chemicals and Fuels

Bio Architecture Lab (Bal), a biotechnology company whose conversion technology and seaweed bio-refinery design unlocks the full value of seaweed, has entered into an agreement with China’s Xunshan Group, the world’s largest grower of brown seaweed and a global ocean fishery and aquaculture company. Under terms of the agreement, the companies will develop an integrated seaweed bio-refinery to produce a low cost carbohydrate for the production of renewable chemicals, fuels, animal feed and a variety of other high value products using Xunshan’s seaweed and Bal’s conversion technology.

“Partnering with the Xunshan Group is a critical step to accelerate our path to commercialization,” said Daniel Trunfio, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bio Architecture Lab. “This agreement allows us to focus on our core strength — proprietary and patented technology — while leveraging the expertise and global reach of the Xunshan Group. Together, we will develop international markets for the production of renewable fuels, chemicals and other high value products using our low-cost carbohydrate derived from brown seaweed.”

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Marketwire, 2012-10-30.


Bio Architecture Lab (BAL)
Xunshan Group