BIG-C wins German Federal Research Ministry competition

Four million Euros support for CLIB2021 network between NRW, Flanders and The Netherlands

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, as part of its Internationalisation of Leading-Edge Clusters, Forward-Looking Projects, and Comparable Networks strategy, will support CLIB’s project „BIG-C – BioInnovation Growth mega-Cluster” for an international network between NRW, Flanders and The Netherlands with up to four million euros over the coming years.

BIG-C aims to utilise biomass and material streams from industrial waste gases for material use. In this context, the operative focus will be on education, technology development and technology transfer. The current discussions at the G7 summit in Elmau, with leaders committing to a low-carbon economy, emphasise the importance of technology development to reduce fossil material use.

„Germany aims to remain a world leader in exporting high-tech goods. To this end, we support the world-wide networking of science and industry. This initiative will enable companies, universities and research institutions to participate in and shape international innovation processes“, explained Federal Minister Wanka.

„We regard this award also as an acknowledgement of our competence and our efforts in the internationalisation of excellent research so far. With this funding we will be able to accelerate the innovation collaboration we already initiated in the BIG-C region and will help Germany to solidify its top position in research.“ said Thomas Schwarz, Chairman CLIB2021.

The internationalisation of clusters and networks is part of the new high-tech strategy, through which the Federal Government moves ideas to innovations and creates connections between science and industry, research and society. It is also part of the action plan „International Cooperation“ of the Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF).

Dr. Manfred Kircher, Chairman of the Advisory Board CLIB2021:“BIG-C will produce new insights and results in the coming years, which will serve as blueprint for our international network and be an asset to all our international partners.“


About CLIB2021

CLIB2021 is the competent network for industrial biotechnology with a strong base in the German Federal State of NRW and a strong international network. Founded 2007 in Düsseldorf, the cluster now counts about 100 members from academia, small and medium sized enterprises and the chemical industry. CLIB2021 organises its international collaborations and projects via four international offices in Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Malaysia.



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Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V. CLIB2021, press release, 2015-06-09.


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