BIC rejects the unfounded and erroneous claims made against the BBI JU by the Corporate Europe Observatory and Global Health Advocates

The bio-based industries are a crucial partner to the EU in realising the Green Deal and green recovery

BIC icon large_0_0_0_2BIC remains a transparent and committed partner in the public-private partnership for the bio-based industries – the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) – and rejects the unfounded and erroneous claims made against the BBI JU and the European bioeconomy by the Corporate Europe Observatory and Global Health Advocates. On the contrary, the positive impact of the BBI JU is well-documented.

BIC is not a traditional trade association and our membership is open to a broad set of stakeholders. Our industry members represent many different sectors with approximately 80% being SMEs, and our associate members come from various disciplines e.g. universities, think tanks, research institutes, regions, etc.

As part of our Vision for a circular bio-society, BIC regularly engages with representatives from civil society, educational institutes, consumers and beyond to ensure a representative set of viewpoints are incorporated. The SIRA, which translates the Vision into a concrete set of actions, was open to a public consultation where all stakeholders had the opportunity to provide a contribution.

We reaffirm the central role of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy in realising the EU’s Green Deal and the European green recovery. The public and private sectors must work together to achieve these ambitions. The bioeconomy that BIC envisages is built on sustainable and circular use of diverse, local and European renewable feedstocks, including side streams and biowaste, that respects planetary boundaries. It is a bioeconomy that includes the participation of a broad set of actors, from civil society and academia, to regions, consumers, and the bio-based industry. The BBI JU has shown that this is already happening, and BIC is proud to be part of these achievements as the private partner.


Bio-based Industries Consortium, press release, 2020-05-25.


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