A Dutch consortium led by Vertoro has been granted €1.2 million to investigate the potential of crude lignin oil as a platform for sustainable chemicals and materials

New project to focus on the further development of an interregional campus eco-system and for the conversion of biomass residues to crude lignin oil

Their €2.9 million project called ‘Doing more with lignin’ officially started 1 October 2019 and is being co-funded by the…

Full text: https://www.chemelot-inscite.com/en/news/european-grant-doing-more-lignin


Chemelot InCiTe, press release, 2019-10-25.


Brightlands Chemelot Campus (NL)
Chemelot Institute for Science & Technology (InSciTe)
DSD Betaprocess
Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)
Green Chemistry Campus
Maastricht University
Province of North Brabant
Provincie Limburg (NL)
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


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