4C-able future: Biobased butanol, butadiene and BDO are having a hot year

Answers to your questions about butanol, the players, and the four-carbon market

It’s been quite a year on the four-carbon platform – also known as C4, 4C, buta-something, Fantastic Four, or what have you.

Though two-carbon fuels such as ethanol have long dominated the biofuels market – and complex, multi-carbon drop-in renewable diesel, jet fuels and biodiesel have been the expansion story for advanced biofuels in the past three years – if any platform could be described as the “hottest of the hottest” right row, four-carbon chemicals and fuels are right in the heart of the roaster right now.

… Full text: www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/08/21/4c-able-future-biobased-butanol-butadiene-and-bdo-are-having-a-hot-year/

Tags: natgas, four-carbon butadiene, biobutanol, octane, n-butanol, isobutanol, microorganisms, genetically modified organisms, modification, Optinol


BiofuelsDigest, 2013-08-21.


BioAmber Inc.
Cobalt Technologies, Inc.
Geno (formerly Genomatica, Inc.)
Gevo Inc.
Green Biologics
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
LSU AgCenter
Microvi Biotechnologies
Myriant Technologies LLC
SynGest, Inc.
Unitel Technologies


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