Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) Shapes the Future of the Chemicals and Materials Sector


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From international brands to leading chemical and bioeconomy companies to innovative start-ups for CO2 utilisation, companies are collaborating to guide a smart transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon. The Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) ( was created after observing the struggles of the chemical and material industriesin facing the enormous challenges to meet the climate goals set by the European Union and the sustainability expectations held by societies around the globe. It was clear that the industry has to go beyond using renewable energy and also consider their raw materials. Because decarbonisation is not an option for the chemical and material sector, as it is entirely based on the use of carbon, an alternative strategy is required: defossilisation through renewable carbon – carbon from above the ground: biomass, CO2 and recycling.

Renewable Carbon Initiative: Christopher vom Berg, Michael Carus
Date of publication
Jul 2023
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