Graphic of the scientific paper „The Use of Food and Feed Crops for Bio-based Materials and the Related Effects on Food Security“ (PNG)



Promoting Evidence-based Debates and Recognising Potential Benefits

The graphic shows the multiple potential benefits of using food and feed crops for bio-based materials, in terms of climate, land productivity, environment, farmers, market stability, feed security and food security.

  1. The climate wins – Bio-based materials are part of the solution to achieve climate change mitigation.
  2. Land productivity wins – The competition between applications is not for the type of crop grown, but for the land
  3. The environment wins – due to increased resource efficiency and productivity of food and feed crops.
  4. Farmers win – because they have more options for selling stock to different markets.
  5. Market stability wins – due to increased global availability of food and feed crops.
  6. Feed security wins – due to the high value of the protein-rich co-products of food and feed crops.
  7. Food security wins – due to the increased overall availability of edible crops that can be stored and flexibly distributed.
Renewable Carbon Initiative Lara Dammer, nova-Institute, Head of Department Economy & Policy Michael Carus, Executive Manager of RCI and CEO of nova-Institute Olaf Porc, nova-Institute, Senior Specialist – Economy & Policy
Date of publication
Jun 2023
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