Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) as Feedstock for Chemicals, Advanced Fuels, Polymers, Proteins and Minerals – Short Version (PDF)



New report on the use of CO for chemicals, advanced fuels, polymers, proteins and minerals by nova-Institute – A deep and comprehensive insight into the evolving technologies, trends and the dynamically growing market of CO transformation and utilisation.
Several successfully implemented technologies are now in commercial use, and many more are at the laboratory and pilot stage. A current total production capacity of novel CO-based products of about 1.3 Mt/a in 2022 is observed. The production capacity in 2022 is dominated by the production of CO-based aromatic polycarbonates, ethanol from captured CO/CO, aliphatic polycarbonate and methanol. By 2030, the capacity outlook for CO-based products is expected to exceed 6 Mt/a of CO-based products. High dynamic growth is observed for methanol projects, methane plants, ethanol and hydrocarbons – the latter especially for the aviation sector. The potential of CCU has been recognised by several global brands which are already expanding their feedstock portfolio. However, in Europe, investments and prospects for CO utilisation are largely undermined by a lack of political support. In contrast, we see supportive policies in China as well as in the US with the Inflation Reduction Act. Such smart policies are needed to bridge the gap between now and 2050 for companies to remain competitive in the sustainable transformation.

nova-Institute’s new report examines this renewable carbon source in detail: Which products can be made from CO, and by which processes? To which extend have the technologies already been developed and implemented in pilot, demonstration and commercial plants? Which companies are working on technologies to uses CO as a feedstock? What are the trends in CO utilisation in the coming years?

This report addresses the fuel, chemical and materials industries, brands, technology scouts, investors, and policy makers. The report provides 240 pages of information on CO utilisation. All the 116 companies mentioned are described in detailed profiles.


Pauline Ruiz, Pia Skoczinski, Achim Raschka, Nicolas Hark, Michael Carus. With the support of: Aylin Özgen, Jasper Kern, Nico Plum (all nova-Institute)
Date of publication
Apr 2023
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