Brand Views and Adoption of Bio-based Polymers

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Brand Views and Adoption of Bio-based Polymers

This trend report gives an overview on different brand strategies.

The report may help to:

  • Better know and understand brand owners by showing their vision, targets, commitments and actions which affect or concern the adoption of bio-based polymers
  • Analyze their communication and purchasing policies and practices to detect promising approaches for bio-based polymers applications
  • The selection is based on major companies owning brands who are acknowledged leaders and frontrunners, or supposedly have such ambitions, or teach us why this has not yet happened.
Dr. Harald Kaeb, narocon Innovation Consulting, Germany
Date of publication
Jan 2016

Single-Site-Licence: Up to five (5) users of the Customer can access the study within one location for their own operational purposes.
Enterprise-Licence: The Customer and all subsidiaries can access the study at all company locations for their own operational purposes. Includes one hour Q&A with nova-experts.