nova-paper #16: The Biomass Utilisation Factor (BUF)



The Biomass Utilisation Factor (BUF) is a new metric combining cascading use and production efficiency into one indicator to investigate the circularity of materials for the circular bioeconomy. Cascading use captures the repeated use of the original biomass, either for the same or a different purpose. Production efficiency looks at how much of the biomass input is actually transformed into useful products or materials.

The BUF can serve not only as an indicator for the circular economy principle of keeping materials in use, but also act as an efficient tool for stakeholders and policy makers to identify options that maximize biomass utilisation and keep materials in use for longer. In light of recent political developments in Europe, the BUF can serve as a tool that provides additional insights for achieving sustainable carbon cycles or help to respect the cascading principle of biomass utilisation.

Christopher vom Berg, Michael Carus, Gunilla Piltz, Lara Dammer, Elke Breitmayer, Roland Essel
Date of publication
Jun 2022
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