Bio-based Polymers in the World – Capacities, Production and Applications: Status Quo and Trends towards 2020

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Europe’s current position in producing bio-based polymers is limited to a few polymers. However, new developments and investments are foreseen: the first European industrial-scale PLA plant by 2014, the introduction of future PET production facilities by 2015, recent developments in the commercialization of bio-based PBT and further advancements in the field of high-value fine chemicals for PA, PUR and thermosets production.

Although Europe shows a strong demand for bio-based polymers, production tends to take place elsewhere, namely in Asia and America. The European Union’s relatively weak position in the production of bio-based polymers is largely the consequence of an unfavourable political framework for the industrial material use of biomass.

The European market data present the latest findings of production capacities of bio-based polymers in Europe based on the market study published by the nova-Institute in spring this year and its continuously updated database.

Adriana Sanz Mirabal, Lena Scholz, Michael Carus
Date of publication
Mar 2013