Bio-based Naphtha and Mass Balance Approach – Status & Outlook, Standards & Certification Schemes – Graphics: Cover (PNG)


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New report on alternative, non-fossil naphtha with the first comprehensive overview of technology, producers, plants and users

Bio-based naphtha has been available on the market for a few years now. In Europe, about 150,000 tonnes are already used annually, mainly for polymer production. As soon as the political-economic framework conditions are right, this number could quickly increase to several million tonnes, which have flowed into the HVO (hydrotreated or hydrogenated vegetable oils) biodiesel market so far. These fuels differ only slightly from fossil-based naphtha in their chemical composition. The report presents 17 companies worldwide with capacities ranging from a few thousand tonnes per year to 3 million tonnes. There are currently plans for 50 new or expanded plants.

Michael Carus, Doris de Guzman and Harald Käb
Date of publication
Mar 2021
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