Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2023–2028 (PDF)

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New report released on the global bio‑based polymer market 2023 – a deep and comprehensive insight into a dynamically growing market

The year 2023 was a promising year for bio‑based polymers: PLA capacities have been increased by almost 50 %, and at the same time polyamide capacities are steadily increasing, as well as epoxy resin production. Capacities for 100 % bio-based PE have been expanded and PE and PP made from bio‑based naphtha are being further established with growing volumes. Current and future expansions for PHAs are still on the horizon. After hinting at a comeback in 2022 bio-based PET production dropped in 2023 by 50 %.


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Pia Skoczinski, Michael Carus, Gillian Tweddle, Pauline Ruiz, Nicolas Hark, Ann Zhang, Doris de Guzman, Jan Ravenstijn, Harald Käb and Achim Raschka
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Mar 2024
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