World Bio Markets returns in 2018 to focus on recent developments in the bio-based sector

Bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels and sustainable products

With governments committed to reducing emissions and consumers becoming more educated about where their products come from, there are opportunities for the bio-based sector to become a true contender to fossil oil. Yet long development times, lack of investment, and challenges in attaining a secure and sustainable supply chain have made it difficult for the bio-economy to achieve commercial success.

This leading bio-economy event provides a platform for the entire global value chain, from feedstock producers to consumer brands, to work together to overcome these challenges. “World Bio Markets is a really good platform for sharing experiences and promoting business with high level actors of the bio-based industry sector” said Andrea Salimbeni, Project Manager, European Biomass Industry Association.
The event will focus on three key themes; bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels and sustainable products. To keep the audience abreast of key developments and sharing best practice will be a top-level speaker line-up from around the world to deliver the most up-to-date content for bio-based professionals. 100+ people from across the value chain will be speaking at the show, including:

  • Patrick Schiffers, Chief Executive Officer, Synvina
  • Christophe Schilling, CEO and Co- Founder Genomatica
  • Gustavo Sergi, Renewable Chemicals Business Director, Braskem
  • Bruno Miller, Managing Director – Fuels, Fulcrum Bioenergy
  • Per Sune Koustrup, CEO and Co-Founder, Nordic Green APS
  • Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia
  • Søren Kristiansen, Senior Technology Director Materials, Lego
  • David Babson, Senior Advisor, US Department of Agriculture
  • Bill Levy, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific AG
  • Anna Rath, Chief Executive Officer, Nexsteppe

The event will take place over three days on 20-22 March 2018 at the Passenger Terminals in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The first two days will hold the main conference and feature the presentations, panel discussions, and roundtables, with the final day a open to a limited audience to take part in practical workshops, drilling down into specific topics.
For more information, please visit the World Bio Markets website.


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Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.
Geno (formerly Genomatica, Inc.)
LEGO Group
Nordic Green APS
Pacific Ag
Synvina C.V.
US Department of Agriculture (USDA)


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