Wooden Electric key cards

American hotels offered sustainable cards

When Democrats began checking into Denver-area hotels in August for the Democratic National Convention, they had found themselves holding some very unusual room keys – wooden key cards.

Sustainable_Cards___2_card.jpgOver 70 hotels used Sustainable Cards that week. In total, there were over 70.000 of these eco-friendly key cards in use. The cards are made from sustainably harvested birch wood and are emblazoned with the DNC Logo, actually making them a collector’s item – and they are really good for the earth too:

By switching plastic cards to biodegradable wood, hotels and resorts can reduce plastic waste by 1,300 tons annually – the amount of plastic waste that traditional hotel key cards generate in the U.S. alone. The weight and density of this waste is equal to the volume of seven 777 airplanes.

Sustainable Cards are the first wooden electronic key cards to be used in the U.S. and it was estimated that 35.000 hotel guests used these cards for the first time in the U.S. at the week around the Democratic National Convention.


Hotelchatter, 2008-08-19.