Will Lego’s $150 Million Sustainable Plastics Challenge Make Biobased the Norm?

Company’s goal to build better toys from sustainable, raw material might shift the plastics industry away from fossile sources

Lego is pumping millions of dollars into its quest to find new, sustainable materials for its popular plastic toy bricks.…

Full text: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2016/06/20/will-legos-150-million-sustainable-plastics-challenge-make-biobased-the-norm/#ixzz4CUYrB3oL


Jessica Lyons


Environmental Leader, 2016-06-20.


Avantium Technologies B.V.
BASF Corporation (US)
Coca-Cola Co.
Gevo Inc.
Global Bioenergies
LEGO Group
Newlight Technologies LLC
Siemens AG
The Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI)
Virent, Inc.


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