Wide range of biodegradable injection moulding compounds

The shares of renewable content range from 50 to almost 100% and as a result, petroleum-based raw materials are largely dispensed

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Disposable cutlery – one of many applications for M·VERA® grades

As a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, BIO-FED is the specialist for innovative and application-oriented biocompounds. The product portfolio under the trade name M·VERA® is constantly being expanded with new products. Depending on the requirements profile, these compounds are either biodegradable in various environments or suitable for long-term use – and completely or partially made from renewable raw materials.

The portfolio of injection moulding compounds at BIO-FED is broadly diversified. The shares of renewable content range from 50 to almost 100%. As a result, petroleum-based raw materials are largely dispensed with. Grades with natural fillers are also available. Depending on the product, area of application (disposable items/packaging and also permanent applications such as household articles) or customer requirements, compounds with compostability under industrial conditions, on home compost or in soil can be supplied. Corresponding certificates from TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium are available.

“These attributes will play an increasingly important role, not only as a result of the corresponding legislation, but also due to the increasing environmental awareness of consumers,” says Business Development Manager Ulf Malcharczik. “In addition, the market demands processability on standard equipment as well as properties comparable to those of a standard material, a variety of colors and suitability for food contact, all of which our products guarantee.”

The new M·VERA® GP1037 (with a tensile modulus of approx. 280 MPa and an elongation at break of over 300%) has been specially developed for flexible and ductile injection moulded products. The compound consists of more than 50% renewable raw materials; certification as OK biodegradable SOIL by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium is in preparation.

For rigid applications, various materials are available depending on the specifications and customer requirements. M·VERA® GP1015 and M·VERA® GP1018 are certified to OK compost INDUSTRIAL and cover a wide range of mechanical properties.

If biodegradability in soil or home compost is required, M·VERA® GP1012 and M·VERA® GP1014 are the right choice. In fact, these compounds consist of almost 100% renewable materials. The possible applications range from packaging to disposable cutlery and household items.

All compounds in the injection moulding portfolio can be processed without problems on all commonly used machines. BIO-FED is happy to support its customers from the first trials on, and also offers its services as a cooperation partner for the development of new products.


Bio-Fed, press release, 2020-09.




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