Wenew: Braskem establishes new ecosystem to accelerate the circular economy transition

At the leading plastics trade fair K-2022 in Düsseldorf, the new ecosystem will celebrate its world premiere - and show which path the industry's thought leaders will walk in the future

Wenew: Das Ökosystem zur schnelleren Transformation
Wenew: Das Ökosystem zur schnelleren Transformation der Kreislaufwirtschaft © Braskem
  • As an industry pioneer, the Brazilian-based petrochemical company aims to decisively advance the idea of sustainability through new ecosystem 
  • Expanding the portfolio to include 300,000 tons of products with recycled content by 2025 and 1 million tons of such products by 2030 
  • World premiere will take place at Düsseldorf during K-2022 

Wenew – this is the name of a completely new brand of Braskem, a Brazilian-based petrochemical company and one of the world’s leading providers of innovative solutions in plastics production. Wenew is not just a brand, but a complete ecosystem dedicated to promoting and realizing the circular economy. At the leading plastics trade fair K-2022 in Düsseldorf, the new ecosystem will celebrate its world premiere – and show which path the industry’s thought leaders will walk in the future.

A new ecosystem to strengthen the circular economy

Wenew stands both for the new, the departure, and for the idea of collective action with high integration potential. On the one hand, the ecosystem is a label for products made with recycled content. On the other hand, Wenew is an umbrella brand under which not only products but also many other offers and various initiatives are gathered.

The launch of the ecosystem reinforces and strengthens Braskem’s commitment to the circular economy. Overall, Wenew is based on four pillars:

  • Products
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Circular design

Building a comprehensive circular ecosystem

Wenew focuses on the idea of recycling as an enabler of the circular economy way of acting. It functions as both a collection point and a presentation platform for products and concepts, but also for initiatives and partnerships. The new brand is furthermore the basis for a complete circularity ecosystem that Braskem intends to establish and continuously expand within the coming period. Wenew adresses Braskem’s goals to include a mere 300,000 tons of products with recycled content by 2025 and one million tons by 2030.

Wemove: specific brand for education and outreach programs 

One of the pillars of Wenew ecosystem is to educate and engage people in society and also to increase awareness of the ways to achieve a more circular plastics value chain. With Wemove, the Wenew ecosystem offers its own additional brand that embraces education initiatives, technologies, and circular design. Braskem already supports numerous education initiatives in Latin America.

High-quality circular products 

A core focus of Wenew is to develop and promote high-quality circular products, such as polymers and chemicals produced from mechanical recycling, advanced recycling or as a result of Braskem’s traditional production process. The goal is always to ensure maximum quality when used in Braskem’s new products and can thus act as role models for broader use throughout the industry. In the following period, Braskem’s focus will be on communicating this fact to both the business and consumer sectors, thus initiating, or accelerating a fundamental change.

Involvement of all stakeholders

As an integrative ecosystem, Wenew specifically involves relevant stakeholders from business and education and therefore creates a comprehensive ecosystem that is far more than the sum of its parts.

“Braskem has sustainability in its corporate DNA. As a strong new ecosystem with a crystal-clear message, Wenew – together with Wemove – brings this commitment to the forefront. By consolidating all our activities on a common platform, we also give customers, partners, and other stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to building a comprehensive circular economy as part of the new ecosystem. Wenew makes the topic much more attractive to customers and consumers – and interested parties can quickly and easily find the information or even offers what they are looking for,” explains Alberto Chiozzi – Business Leader for Recycled Products EMEA at Braskem.

More information: https://www.braskem.com/wenew/home-en 

About Braskem

With a global vision of the future, oriented towards people and sustainability, Braskem is engaged in contributing to the value chain in order to strengthen the Circular Economy. Its 8,000 team members dedicate themselves every day to improving people’s lives through sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics. With its corporate DNA rooted in innovation, Braskem offers a comprehensive portfolio of plastic resins and chemical products for diverse industries, such as food packaging, construction, manufacturing, automotive, agribusiness, health and hygiene, and more. With 40 industrial units in Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany and net revenue of R$52.3 billion (US$13.2 billion), Braskem exports its products to clients in over 100 countries.


Braskem Europe, press release, 2022-10-17.




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