Videos: Get an overview over the exciting Norwegian bioeconomy

Many skilled representatives of the IBNN were interviewed, both from the research environments and from the industry

In 2014, the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway hosted the Norwegian Bioeconomy conference. We have collected the most interesting videos here to give you an introduction to the innovative actors in the Norwegian Bioeconomy.

Many of the skilled representatives of the IBNN – Industrial Biotech Network Norway were interviewed, both from the research environments and from the industry. This is Norway, on the path towards a society based on biological resources. We hope you will enjoy the short videos:

A wide variety of products

In this video you will learn how biorenewables are used for the production of new and existing products in Norway, and how byproducts and waste become new feedstock for new products in new production streams. Interviewed: Coca Cola, SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture, Alkymar, Norilia, Calanus, Nofima, Seaweed Energy Solutions, Scalpro, Cambi. Watch the video here: An ocean of opportunities. (Norwegian version)

Anything that can be made of oil, can also be made of wood

The Norwegian forest industry is in decline and new and fresh ideas are needed. The large forest resources enable a doubling of the output over the next few years, and Norway may still keep up a sustainable forest management. Learn more about the new processes and products. Interviewed: NMBU, PFI, Trefokus, Moelven, Treklyngen, Borregaard and Avinor. Watch the video here: A new dawn in the forest industry (Norwegian version).

Blue-green cooperation in the cross-sectoral bioeconomy

The interaction between the blue and the green sector has been crucial to making Norway world leading in aquaculture, and to developing new methods for biomarine-based byproducts from seafood processing. Genetics and feedstock are important areas of cooperation. Interviewed: AquaGen, Norsvin, SpermVital, Uniresearch, Norilia, Nutrimar. Watch the video here: Blue-green collaboration (Norwegian version).

More information from The Norwegian Bioeconomy conference “Den bioøkonomiske våren er her”: You may watch other videos in Norwegian on Youtube. Please see the program and other info on the Norwegian Research Council’s website.

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Coca-Cola Co.
Industrial Biotech Network Norway IBNN
Innovation Norway
Moelven Group
Nofima AS
PFI Norway
Scalpro AS (Settle)
Seaweed Energy Solutions
The Research Council of Norway
Treklyngen Viken Skog
Uni Research (Bergen)


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