UPM’s Biofore Concept Car on display in the CEPI European Paperweek

Versatile use of renewable wood biomass, combined with innovation, resource efficiency and sustainability


As a part of CEPI European Paperweek UPM is showcasing how new biomaterials can be applied in the automotive industry. UPM Biofore Concept Car is on display 25-27th November 2014 in Thon Hotel EU, Brussels.

The versatile use of renewable wood biomass, combined with innovation, resource efficiency and sustainability, is the cornerstone of UPM´s Biofore strategy. New innovative products can replace non-renewable materials and provide resource-efficient alternatives for the future.

The Biofore Concept Car demonstrates this in practice. In the car majority of parts traditionally made from plastics are replaced with high quality biomaterials. Also the engine is fuelled with new wood residue based renewable diesel – UPM BioVerno.

Towards sustainable bioeconomy

As global demand for resources and energy is surging, forest industry is in the forefront of leading the EU towards a sustainable bioeconomy. Based on the EU Commission’s bioeconomy report the forest industry sector represents 1/3 of EU’s current 2 trillion euro bioeconomy, the other 2/3rds being mainly agriculture and food industry. The sector employs 5 million people directly, indirectly up to 50 million people especially in rural areas.

Bioeconomy calls for clear mandate

Forest based industry can only help the EU Commission to achieve its bioeconomy goals if the competitiveness of the sector is ensured. “We need competiveness and predictability. This enables investments – which leads to growth, jobs and new innovations,“ states UPM CEO and President Jussi Pesonen.

During the end of this year UPM will bring advanced wood residue based biofuel to the market as the commercial scale biorefinery in Finland is starting. For UPM advanced biofuels create new opportunities for growth. The biorefinery build in Lappeenranta is the first of its kind globally.

The transport sector is on track to become the biggest source of CO2 in the EU.

“Biofuels are expected to play a major role in road transport but the regulatory environment remains uncertain. Legislation is required for the EU to grow in locally produced sustainable biofuels. Therefore the rules need to extend beyond 2020. The long lasting policy processes are now creating uncertainty. Industry and investors need a stable, long term regulatory framework for biofuels,” states Marko Janhunen, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, UPM Biorefining.


More Information

– Check the Biofore Concept Car video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbF99ScSkfY

– Pictures available: http://pet.upm.com/?cart=7495-diealiejhl&l=EN (Biofore Concept Car premiered at the Geneva International Motor last spring)

– Link to the car’s webisite: http://www.upm.com/upmcc-en/Pages/default.aspx



Elisa Nilsson, Vice President
Brand and Communications, UPM
tel. +358 40 500 3150

Marko Janhunen, Vice President,
Stakeholder Relations, UPM Biorefining
tel. +358 50 590 0047


About UPM

Through the renewing of the bio and forest industries, UPM is building a sustainable future across six business areas: UPM Biorefining, UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Paper Asia, UPM Paper Europe and North America and UPM Plywood. Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are recyclable. We serve customers worldwide. The group employs around 21,000 people and its annual sales are approximately EUR 10 billion. UPM shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. UPM – The Biofore Company –

About UPM Biofuels

UPM plans to become a major player in high quality, advanced biofuels for transport. Biofuels are an essential part of the Biofore strategy. The innovative wood-based biofuels developed by the company and their production technologies are part of a sustainable future. UPM’s biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability. They will significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

About Biofore Concept Car

The Biofore concept car is designed to be a futuristic, street-legal vehicle which demonstrates the use of renewable biomaterials in the automotive industry. Various parts of the concept car are made from UPM’s biobased materials – the UPM Formi biocomposite and UPM Grada thermoformable wood material. These materials significantly improve the overall environmental performance of the car, without compromising quality or safety. The concept car is fuelled by UPM BioVerno wood-based renewable diesel. UPM Raflatac label materials are used to mark spare parts as well as in the interior and exterior design of the car.

Biofore Concept Car premiered at the Geneva International Motor last spring. Copyright: UPM.
(Photographer: Sami Kulju)


UPM, press release, 2014-11-26.


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