Upcoming Freedonia Study: US Bioplastics Market

US demand to reach 550 million pounds in 2016 - PLA to remain most commonly used bioplastic

US demand for bioplastics will expand strongly through 2016, when it is expected to reach 550 million pounds, valued at nearly $700 million. Although bioplastics have begun to achieve a considerable degree of commercial success, the industry remains in an early stage of development, representing only a small niche within the overall plastics industry. Going forward, technical innovations and increased production capacity will combine to enhance the properties of bioplastics, boost their availability, and lower their price, thus making them more competitive with conventional polymers. In addition, many bio-based polymers benefit from relative price stability when compared with their petroleum-based counterparts. Moreover, the desire to decrease dependence on foreign oil will further fuel the expansion of bio-based resins, as will efforts by US manufacturers to enhance sustainability and improve the corporate image they project to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.

Non-biodegradable bioresins to gain market share
Although biodegradable materials accounted for the vast majority of bioplastics volume in 2011, the emergence of non-biodegradable bioresins will dramatically alter the market landscape. By 2021, these materials will represent more than two-fifths of volume demand. Growth will be fueled by large-volume production of bio-based polyethylene, as well as the eventual commercialization of bio-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, as well as polyethylene furanoate. Since such resins are chemically identical to their conventional counterparts, market acceptance is forecast to occur at a rapid rate. PET is projected to offer significant growth potential over the longer term, particularly as large corporations – especially those in the soft drink industry – are investing heavily in the development of this material.

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ReportLinker, 2012-06-30.


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