UK: Stanelco in exclusive deal with Asda after biodegradable packaging approved

Stanelco PLC said it has signed a short term exclusive deal to supply Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s ASDA with its Starpol 2000 biodegradable packaging material, which has just received food contact approval.

Starpol 2000 has been fully approved for use in food contact applications for all food categories throughout the European Union following analysis and testing carried out by PIRA International (Packaging International Research Association).

Food contact approval has also been granted for Starpol 2000 for all fruit and vegetable categories in the US, with tests continuing for contact with all other food types to US FDA standards.

Stanelco and ASDA have agreed a 30 day exclusivity period for ASDA to approve the Starpol 2000 material for use with Stanelco’s GREENSEAL technology as well as other more general packaging applications.

Starpol 2000 is a totally biodegradable packaging material based on sustainable crop production. Unlike conventional plastics the price of Starpol 2000 has little dependence upon oil price. Stanelco also said it is substantially less expensive than most other biodegradable packaging materials and not significantly greater than conventional plastics.

Source Oct. 12, 2005.