UK biotech company Green Biologics merges with US biofuel specialists Butylfuel

Biofuel, Butanol, and C4 chemicals are the heart of research

In a move designed to scale up the commercialization of biobutanol production from waste and agricultural by-products, Oxford-based Green Biologics Limited (GBL) have announced they will merge with US renewable chemical and biofuels specialists Butylfuel™.

The new business will continue to operate under the Green Biologics name and will focus on on the production of C4 chemicals and advanced fuels from renewable feedstocks, primarily from waste and by-product agricultural sources.

Following the announcement Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of the new GBL group, said: “This merger creates a truly global leader in biobutanol and represents a transformational deal for both companies.”

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Tags: agricultural by-products, Butanol, Acrylate, ‘superior blend stock’, enewable chemical and biofuel


NNFCC, 2012-01-23


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