Uhde Inventa-Fischer presents new technology for the continuous production of biodegradable polybutylene succinate (PBS)

Patented 2-reactor process enables high-quality granulate to be produced

The engineering company Uhde Inventa-Fischer – a leader in polycondensation technology – has expanded its product range to include the state-of-the-art polybutylene succinate (PBS) technology. The PBS biopolymer is produced from succinic acid and butanediol in a continuous polycondensation process. The technology uses Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s proprietary patented 2-reactor process, which includes the two reactors, ESPREE® and DISCAGE®, and enables high-quality granulate to be produced in an energy-efficient and resource-conserving manner. Uhde Inventa-Fischer offers its customers plants with a production capacity of at least 40,000 tonnes of PBS polymer a year.

The fact that PBS can be produced either completely or partially from renewable resources deserves special mention. The polymer is biodegradable and has properties comparable to those of polyolefins, polypropylene and polyethylene. Thanks to a melting point of 120°C, good barrier properties and high material stability, PBS is perfectly suited for the production of packaging materials, films, textiles and engineering plastics.Tailored properties can be achieved by compounding the material to be produced.

In addition to Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s PBS technology, the ThyssenKrupp Uhde group has also developed a succinic acid technology in cooperation with US-based Myriant Corporation and is currently building a pilot plant for the production of succinic acid from glucose in Leuna, Germany. The plant is due to come on-stream in the third quarter of 2012. More details about these biotechnology activities will be published soon.

Uhde Inventa-Fischer is a leading engineering company located in Berlin, Germany, and Domat/Ems, Switzerland. Its scope of services includes the development, engineering and construction of industrial plants for the production of polyester, polyamides and polylactic acids. The company has built more than 400 production plants throughout the world. As part of the ThyssenKrupp Uhde group since 2004, the company is also part of ThyssenKrupp AG.


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