TRW Uses Regenerative Plastic Material to Develop Green Driver Airbag Modules

Focus of the development represents the emission reduction

TRW Automotive Holdings, based in Michigan, has announced that it has developed various driver airbag modules using regenerative plastic material that provides numerous benefits to the environment.

This is the first company to create new and greener module, in which components such as retainer plate and airbag cover are manufactured using a new, bio-based material.

According to Manuel Poyant, TRW’s core engineering manager for steering wheel systems and driver airbags, the company utilizes a bio-based material to develop the driver airbag modules, which provide considerable benefits to the surroundings. This bio-based material primarily decreases the interior emission of gases from the vehicle. The gases are released from new materials at low levels, specifically at high temperature.

The main focus of vehicle manufacturers is to reduce such levels of emissions who also stipulate the limits of target compound emission, which are released from trim materials. Regenerative raw materials release carbon content in the new plastic material. Fossil resources can be saved by using these regenerative raw materials.

Manuel added that the plastics segment has gained importance in recent years. Greener technologies like bio-materials are highly favored by vehicle manufacturers, as the automotive industry concentrates on sustainable environment and products. Clients are strongly interested in this new technology.

TRW expects to develop this new range of driver airbag modules by mid 2012 and hopes that the new technology may possibly replace standard oil-based materials used in driver airbags in the future.


Azom, 2012-03-03.




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