The Treesolution with the Groasis Greenboxx winner of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2014

We are looking for people from all over the world who want to test the Greenboxx for us!

Friday the 14th of November, Accenture announced the winners of the Innovation Awards 2014. The Treesolution with the Groasis Greenboxx – judged by a jury of the 12 biggest corporates of Holland – has won the prestigious overall Green Tulip Award in the final in Utrecht, and can call itself the most innovative green product of Holland! Groasis and its founder and inventor of the Greenboxx, Pieter Hoff, is very proud and thankful for this recognition.

In the book “The Treesolution”, Pieter Hoff promotes the replantation of degraded farmland with economic and ecological interesting trees. This way we can help feed the world, fight erosion and clean the air from CO through a money making business model.

The Groasis Greenboxx (biodegradable Waterboxx)
photo: Groasis

The Groasis Greenboxx is a new invention; a biodegradable version of the proven successful Waterboxx and the answer against eroded soil. The Groasis Greenboxx can be used to plant trees on degraded farmland without using irrigation, and thus making it profitable. It saves up to 97% of water while planting. After a year the Groasis Greenboxx degrades and functions as manure for the tree.

Pieter Hoff says: “with the Groasis Greenboxx we introduce an unimaginable easy tool to combat erosion through reforestation of degraded farmland”.

Groasis is successfully active planting trees in over 30 countries with extreme dry and hot climates. The Accenture Innovation Awards is an annual competition. The most innovative products, services and concepts, that deliver exceptional performance in the field of innovation and sustainability, compete for the coveted Green Tulip.

Groasis is winner of the “2014 Accenture Green Tulip Award”, the most prestigious innovation award of Holland.
We are very proud and thankful for this recognition.


Groasis, press release, 2014-11-17.


The Treesolution


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