Torrefied Wood and BioCoal 2013: A Special Report

Why So Little Bio-coal Plant Capacity Has Been Added. What New Project Development Strategies Are Now Needed

Part 1: Interest in Torrefied Wood Still Perceived In the EU as a Promising Alternative to Wood Pellets

The merits of torrefied wood (bio-coal) when compared to white wood pellets (WP) have been well documented in a number of articles published in this magazine and other publications dedicated to covering renewable fuels developments. The rationale for considering using torrefied wood over wood pelletsin many situations has not changed and there appears to be continuing interest among existing biomass users in considering torrefied wood in addition to WP.

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Tags: SECTOR, renewable solid fuel, torrefaction technologies, bio-energy value chains, residual materials, EU ETS, Renewable Energy Directives, LCPD, test burns


BiofuelsDigest, 2013-01-17.


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