Top 10 Biobased Predictions for 2013

How big, how different will biobased become in 2013? We peer down into the Petri Dish to see what we think 2013 will bring

As the sunset of 2012 gives way to the dawn of 2013, here at the Digest we resist the holiday temptation to look back over the challenges and highlights of the year gone by, and instead once again roll the dice as we list the Digest’s 10 Top Biobased Predictions for 2013.

1. Fiscal cliff
Worried that the US will go into financial Armageddon come January 1st, including a ferocious set of cuts that will derail support from the US Department of Agriculture??

Well, expect no deal in 2012, and no grand bargain in early 2013, say the Digest soothsayers. But, there will be a patch that is passed by Congress and signed into law in early January. The key? By letting all of the Bush-era tax breaks expire, and only restoring the majority of them, anti-tax lawmakers can say that they stayed true to their “read my lips, no new taxes” pledges.

2. Customization

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