Tom’s of Maine Taps Potatoes for Packaging

Company to develop polylactic acid packaging from potato starch-based plastics

Tom’s of Maine is exploring ways to use waste potatoes — produced locally in Maine — as packaging for its products. The company is working with researchers at the University of Maine and the Sustainable BioPlastics Council of Maine to develop polylactic acid (PLA) packaging with potatoes that can not be sold for consumption.

Many other companies have incorporated PLA plant-based plastics into their packaging, but most tend to be made from corn. Brands like If You Care do sell bags made from potato starch-based plastics – manufactured in France and marketed in the US – but the use of potato-based plastics is not very typical in the US.

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Tags: sustainability, landfills, water consumption, energy usage, bio-PET 30, Green Plastics


Environmental Leader, 2013-08-02.


Sustainable Bioplastics Council of Maine (SBCoM)
Tom's of Maine
University of Maine


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