Three new hemp products were granted the Innovation Award “Hemp Product of the Year 2018”

A Hemp fibre reinforced electric scooter, a new natural cosmetic skincare brand and the first Cannabis Root Spirit

At the “15th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” 340 hemp experts from 41 countries met on 12 and 13 June in Cologne (Germany) for the world’s largest industry conference and exhibition ever. The Innovation Award “Hemp Product of the Year 2018”, sponsored by the German company HempConsult GmbH, was presented for the first time in three categories. 40 products had been submitted, nine were nominated and three were chosen as winners by the participants of the conference after short presentations.

Nova_15th-EIHA-2018_Award_winnersThe winners of the award come from the Netherlands, Romania and Germany and give a small example of the great variety of hemp products. The fibres and shives, as well as the seeds, proteins, fatty acids and cannabinoids of the hemp plant can be used. Hemp cultivation areas in Europe have increased more than fivefold in the last six years. In North America, industrial hemp can now also be cultivated in the USA, as has long been the case in Canada. In China there are serious efforts to re-establish hemp fibres as important textile fibres. Here, too, the cultivation numbers of hemp are increasing strongly.
For the first time in history, the hemp associations from the USA and Canada, India, China and Australia as well as Europe met in Cologne to discuss market barriers and growth strategies. A continuous online exchange was agreed upon.

Please find here all details on the winners:

Scooter-Bee-vanekoVan.Eko BV (NL): Be.e (Electric Scooter). Number one in the category “Hemp textiles & Biocomposites”

The Be.e is an electric scooter (EU, L1e homologated) made with a hemp fibre reinforced composite monocoque frame. This innovative application of bio-based composites is a worldwide first in providing the structural reinforcement needed in the frame of the scooter. All the driving loads are carried by the monocoque.
By applying this material in the loaded structure, Van.Eko creates a lower environmental footprint in comparison with conventional steel and plastic frame body combinations. It is also light weight, more robust and has a more rigid/stiff frame. This all results in improved driving characteristics and a longer expected life time of the frame.
The company has fitted the Be.e with a high-end drivetrain, top of line components and most importantly an exquisite design delineating its out-of-the-box nature.
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QUNABU-Anti-AgingCANAH INTERNATIONAL SRL (RO): QUNABU by CANAH). Number one in the category “Hemp cosmetics”

QUNABU is a completely new and unique cosmetic skincare brand developed with an awareness of hemp benefits, using natural ingredients.
QUNABU microcosmetics is an innovative concept of natural cosmetic skincare treatment, based on the idea that the user can create a cream simply, anytime, anywhere, using a natural concentrate (serum) and water:
•    Innovation – microcosmetics, a new concept in cosmetics
•    Individual – the user is creating his own product adding water as needed
•    Economic – natural ingredients concentrated, without water in the content Competitive and Smart – high level of concentrated active ingredients (to be used in combination with water)
•    User friendly – application in drops.
QUNABU offers active natural ingredients and is free from emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives.
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Nova-15th-EIHA-Awrad-Winning-Product-Hemp-Roots-Spirit-Hanf-ZeitHanf-Zeit (DE): SPIRIT of HEMP-ROOTS. Number one in the category “Hemp Foods”

For many years, the company HANF-ZEIT from Steinheim/Westf. in Germany and Wulf Niehus (Werther/Westf.) have been cooperating to research knowledge about the ancient use of the Hemp-(Cannabis-)Roots in order to explore new possibilities. Useful hints have been found in literature: Freshly crushed hemp-roots were traditionally used as a wound bandage, while a huge number of cosmetic products made up of various formulas using alcohol cold extract were also manufactured.

After various experiments with tea and distillates, Hanf-Zeit now presents a very fine distillate made from fresh apples & hemp roots. This very first Cannabis Root Spirit was produced in collaboration with a fine distillery. It is highly aromatic, wholesome, mild and carries a very unique aroma bouquet.
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The global hemp industry meets once a year in Cologne to bring each other up to date. How have markets and prices developed, how have the political framework conditions changed? More than 40 presentations, 27 exhibitors and 340 highly satisfied participants created the success story of the conference and arouse curiosity for the next meeting in June 2019.

The conference was supported by: Canah (RO), HempFlax (NL), Hempro (DE) and MH medical hemp (DE) as Gold Sponsors, from REAKIRO (US) as Silver Sponsor and (SK) as Bronze Sponsor.

The conference was organized in close cooperation with the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA,


Press release as PDF file: 18-06-20 PR EIHA Hemp Awards and Conference


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