Thermoforming compostable CPLA food trays at NPE 2018

OMG and Italy’s Advanced Extrusion Inc., headquartered in Minnesota, USA, have teamed up to exhibiting OMG's fully automatic servo driven thermoformer

wImage.phpAt NPE 2018, the triennial plastics mega-event held in Orlando, Florida, OMG SRL will be exhibiting its fully automatic servo driven thermoformer at the company’s booth (South Hall, upper level #S34034).

The company, established in 1965 in Turin, Italy, is known for manufacturing thermoforming machines that are simple to operate, offer high-speed production capability, quick and easy tooling changes, and automated parts handling systems.

The energy-efficient electric OMG thermoformer produces finished parts with the help of precision rule-die trimming on a heavy-duty tonnage 4 post servo-driven trim press. Parts such as food trays, lids, containers, cups, and clamshells are loaded into an auto–stacking-counting station, an integral part of the OMG thermoforming system. Parts are then mechanically discharged onto a final packing station.

braeterAt the NPE, OMG will be thermoforming Advanced Extrusion’s 100% crystallized compostable CPLA food trays during the opening hours of the show. The material – plant-based PLA resin – is able to withstand surface temperatures of up to 250°F and is microwave friendly. What’s more, OMG will use the same CPLA tooling to thermoform AEI’s CPET withstanding temperatures of minus 20°F up to 375°F intended for conventional ovens. Both materials incorporate a unique nucleating agent to promote accelerated crystallization during the thermoforming process.

AEI will be exhibiting at NPE2018 in Booth #S23014.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2018-04-05.


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