The thistle, a new resource for the bioeconomy

Precious raw materials for Sardinian Third Generation Biorefinery

From thistle a new era for the agricultural and industrial value chains. An innovative business model, which combines the industrial needs of Matrica, a joint venture between Versalis-Eni and Novamont, with those of farmers located in northern Sardinia. An agro industrial relationship model, aimed at creating a integrated value chain rooted in the territory in synergy with local biodiversity. These the key issues discussed last Monday in Porto Torres at the second technical meeting on thistle which was attended by numerous high level representatives of the Sardinian agricultural world and by representatives of research and local institutions, including the mayor of Porto Torres, Beniamino Scarpa, and the dean of the University of Sassari, Attilio Mastino.

The meeting provided information and dissemination on the nature of the crop and the potential for Sardinian agriculture. The thistle (Cynara cardunculus L. var. Altilis and var. Sylvestris) is an herbaceous perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region, which can adapt well in hot and dry climates. It grows during autumn and winter, and even with no irrigation it produces significant quantities of biomass and oil, precious raw materials for the Third Generation Biorefinery which is being built in the Matrica plant in Porto Torres and which will produce bioplastics and chemicals building blocks.

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Tags: agroindustry, value chains, oil, biomass, biorefinery, local biodiversity, agro industrial relationship model


Il Bioeconomista, 2013-03-20.


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