The Start-Up Carbiolice reveals its purpose and launches its revolutionary solution that makes the plastic disappear into the compostin less than 200 days!

Company has developed a solution to make polylactic acid plastic fully compostable, even in domestic conditions

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Carbiolice, a start-up based in Auvergne, specialized in the fight against plastic pollution, has developed a revolutionary solution that radically solves the major problem posed by plastic: its end of life. The addition of a natural enzyme-based additive during the manufacturing process of the plastic product based on plant origin, allows it to completely disappear after use, in less than 200 days, in a simple domestic compost bin.

Carbiolice is a company supported by three shareholders: CARBIOS – a green chemistry company that designs and develops innovative enzymatic processes, the SPI investment fund operated by Bpifrance on behalf of the French government as part of the Programme d’investissements d’Avenir (PIA), and LIMAGRAIN INGREDIENTS – a subsidiary of the LIMAGRAIN cooperative group. It now has 25 employees and has been awarded in 2019 as the most innovative biotech in Europe (by the Europa Bio association).

Carbiolice’s solution meets a major ecological challenge; every year, 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans! Carbiolice is a company that is very concretely involved in this ecological transition. This is why, in close collaboration with its Board, the start-up has included in its statutes, as permitted by the 2019 PACTE law, a purpose revealed today by its President, Nadia Auclair. This is an unusual approach for a start-up, which allows it to concretize its commitment.

Carbiolice’s purpose

“Carbiolice’s purpose is to provide innovative and effective solutions to eliminate plastic pollution.Carbiolice innovates to reinvent non-substitutable and non-recyclable plastic applications in a circular economy logic:

– Because the best waste is the one that is not produced, Carbiolice, as an expert in biodegradability, works to accelerate the complete biodegradation of plastics without any impact on the environment,

– Bringing innovative and effective products to eliminate plastic pollution means helping all stakeholders to take action:

  • Support brands, particularly food brands, that want to integrate circular economy principles;
  • Help manufacturers of plastic products meet new regulatory requirements using their existing industrial equipment;
  • Guide public authorities towards more sustainable solutions for biowaste recovery;
  • Encourage consumers to properly sort their waste.

– Alongside with other responsible actors, Carbiolice promotes the organic recovery of biodegradable plastics as a complementary solution to recycling. A particularly relevant solution in the perspective of treatment at source and recovery of bio-waste.

At Carbiolice, everyone’s commitment around the purpose is the basis of cohesion. It is supported on a daily basis by a corporate culture based on respect for others, trust and cooperation. »

A Purpose followed by commitments with the launch of an innovative and immediately operational solution!

Committed to the fight plastic pollution since its origin, Carbiolice, after 7 years of research and development, has developed a solution to make polylactic acid plastic (PLA: a vegetable plastic made from corn), fully compostable, even in domestic conditions.

Thanks to the introduction of this enzyme-based active ingredient during the manufacture of plastics, packaging film, yoghurt pots, trays, cups, etc., which are currently non-recyclable, will be able to completely biodegrade in domestic composts.

After a series of tests on product lines followed by studies with certified organizations, Carbiolice will launch on the market its solution in the last quarter of 2020. This innovation will enable food brands, as well as all those involved in packaging and all those looking for solutions, to take concrete action against plastic pollution.

“Since Carbiolice is part of the response to the ecological and societal challenge of plastic pollution, we supported this original approach for a young company, consistent with its DNA. This is a strong approach we fully sponsor; Carbiolice is the first participation of the SPI fund to include a Purpose in its statutes” comments Jean-Philippe Richard, Carbiolice’s administrator for Bpifrance’s SPI fund. “We have been supporting Carbiolice since its creation and we are proud that it is about to bring a very innovative and responsible solution to the market”.

“This purpose is a great source of pride! It is the result of a co-construction with all our shareholders and employees. It is the faithful expression of the way they see Carbiolice and the vision that has guided us since the beginning. The story of Carbiolice, which is just beginning, is above all a human adventure guided by the same desire to contribute, at our level, to improving the world in which we live! “concludes Nadia Auclair, President of Carbiolice.


Carbiolice, press release, 2020-09-08.




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