The Greener Manufacturing Show Europe 2023: Accelerating Renewable Chemicals & Material Solutions

Participating in the show will create a powerful message to potential customers and stakeholders that a company is committed to sustainable practices

The Greener Manufacturing Show Europe (8-9 Nov), co-located with the Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo, is set to champion the cause of renewable chemicals and materials.  With a robust lineup of 250+ leading-edge innovators and 130+ industry speakers, the event is primed to draw over 4,000+ industry professionals from regions far and wide.

Attendees can expect discussions and showcases of pivotal trends, including the utilisation of bio-based feedstocks, biotechnological advancements, eco-friendly solvents, circular economy solutions, carbon capture and utilization (CCU) techniques, sustainable packaging innovations, the development of renewable polymers, green chemistry principles, government regulations, collaborative initiatives, growing consumer demand, technological breakthroughs, and real-world success stories. This multifaceted event serves as a hub for industry professionals and trend-setters to explore sustainable practices, foster collaborations, and drive the adoption of renewable solutions for a greener and more environmentally responsible future in manufacturing and materials production.

AVIENT, a pioneer in sustainable materials, will unveil its latest range of innovative polymer solutions. These sustainable polymers offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics, reducing carbon footprint and promoting a circular economy. From compostable materials to biodegradable resins, AVIENT’s portfolio showcases the transformative potential of sustainable polymers in various industries.  Also showcasing their solutions at the Koelnmesse is ALLNEX with their sustainable coating technologies, designed to minimise environmental impact without compromising performance. Plus VTT, a leading research organisation, will demonstrate the power of cellulose-based technology solutions. With a focus on renewable and biodegradable materials, their research services have paved the way for innovative products and processes that contribute to plastic waste reduction and a more sustainable future.

In today’s environmentally conscious market, consumers seek authenticity and integrity from businesses. Participating in the show will create a powerful message to potential customers and stakeholders that a company is committed to sustainable practices. This commitment builds trust, enhances brand credibility, and can translate into long-term customer loyalty.

While the event has evolved into a prominent fixture in the sustainable manufacturing calendar, this year, the spotlight is firmly on renewable chemicals and materials—the bedrock of a greener future.

Don’t miss your chance to register to enter a gateway to a sustainable, low-carbon future for manufacturing. Secure your free-to-attend expo pass or conference ticket to guarantee your place at the three-track conference this November. Take advantage of the Early Bird Rate, available until 27 October, by visiting the event website to redeem your €300 saving:


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