The Global Market for Nanocellulose to 2017

Updated 2013 Report analyzes market potential of microfibrillated cellulose

Despite being the most available natural polymer on earth, it is only recently that cellulose has gained prominence as a nanostructured material, in the form of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), micro/nanofibrillar cellulose (MFC/NFC) and bacterial cellulose (BC). Today there is a substantial amount of research on these materials, and commercial development is now underway with some very promising applications.

Nanocellulose is being developed for use in applications ranging from scaffolds in tissue engineering, artificial skin and cartilage, wound healing and vessel substitutes to biodegradable food packaging. Applications in polymer reinforcement and anti-microbial films will be hitting the market soon. FP Innovations estimates the market to be worth $250 million in North America by 2020.

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Tags: non-toxicity, niche applications, ooil industry, polymer reinforcement, antimicrobial films, Celish, Ceolus, manufacturing facilities


Research and Markets, 2013-04-29.


Asahi Kasei Corporation
Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd.
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Research and Markets


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