The Force: the Cellulosic biofuels tax credit is back, but is it really needed?

Industry found itself delighted to see several key tax credit extensions in the final bill

Finding it hard to explain to taxpayers why the PTC is needed, for the jump to cellulosic biofuels lightspeed, or to ward off predatory fossil-fuel evildoers?

Turns out, The Force may not be needed after all.

So, the fiscal cliff was averted in a last minute-deal by DC lawmakers. Sort of. For now. Or so we’re told. We think.

It doesn’t take an aversion to sausage-making to be mystified by really big pieces of legislation that come out of Washington – they come stuffed to the gills with side-provisions. In many cases, fine ideas that simply have not been able to find themselves a viable tax legislation vehicle.

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Tags: production tax credit, PTC, grower, biofuels industry


BiofuelsDigest, 2013-01-03.


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Mascoma Corporation
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