The bioeconomy speaks German

BioBased World opens the doors in Frankfurt

The bioeconomy speaks German. Today in Frankfurt, Germany, Achema opened the doors. BiobasedWorld at Achema 2015 is the place where bioeconomy becomes visible and tangible. Just as bioeconomy is present everywhere in our daily life it can also be found in every exhibition group at Achema, therefore there is no dedicated space for BiobasedWorld.
The decision not to reserve a separate exhibition area for the three focal themes BiobasedWorld, Process Analytical Technology (PATand Industrial Water Management was deliberate. “What distinguishes focal themes is that they impact and shake up the process industry as a whole”, explains Thomas Scheuring, Ceo of Dechema Ausstellungs-GmbH. “The development of new technologies and solutions thrives on the interplay of different sectors and disciplines.” Consequently, the exhibitors involved in these themes can be found in very diverse areas. This holds for industrial water management and similarly for PAT which encompasses not only suppliers of laboratory equipment but also of process control systems.

BiobasedWorld is a striking example of the cross-sectoral nature of the focal themes: in the biobased economy the spectrum ranges from process development to sensors, from suppliers of stainless steel fermenters to processors of biobased packaging materials. For quick orientation, visitors interested in a particular focal topic will find themed publications with tours which will be available either in the Achema app or as a print version in the run-up to Achema. In addition, signs in the halls and on the hall plans will make light work of finding one’s way around.

To promote the exchange of views between users and suppliers, the organisers have devised a range of new formats: the Achema PRAXISforums, addressing topics such as Single-Use Technologies, Pharmaceutical Production, Components and Equipment, Mixing and Separation, Safety and Plant Control. New developments from practice will be introduced in mini-presentations in the direct vicinity of the exhibition halls concerned. This effectively shortens the distance between lecture areas and exhibition stands, enabling visitors with special interests to plan their visit to optimum advantage.

On four of the five days of the event there will be a panel discussion or plenary lecture on key themes like the implications of the shale-gas boom for the bioeconomy, future trends in chemical production, the impact of the energy turnaround, and developments in industrial water use.

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Mario Bonaccorso


Il Bioeconomista, 2015-06-15.


DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.


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