The Biobased A-List: Algix, making everyday products using extraordinary technologies

Algix is developing new markets for algae as a feedstock for bioplastics in flooring, carpeting, mulch films and other everyday products

When most people think of Kimberly-Clark, they think of products like Scott towels, Huggies, GoodNites and Kleenex. It may surprise you to read that they own a significant chuck of IP in the area of making bioplastics from microalgae, or small flowering plants such as duckweed (lemna) – developed in collaboration with the University of Georgia. The IP portfolio includes algae bioplastics for extrusion compounding, injection molding, cast films, and fibers.

The US thermoplastic market is over 375 billion lbs per year- and the total bioplastic market reached $3 billion in 2009, and is growing at a 22% rate. So, the time for that technology has come.

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BiofuelsDigest, 2012-08-30.


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