The Bio-Based A-List: a planet-friendly, power picker-upper: Bio-Aabsorb Micro N

Made of all natural plant fiber infused with concentrated natural soil microbes and nitrogen

BildIn last week’s Bio-Based A-List, we looked at paraxylene, that clear plastic bottling material that is a tough see-through, barrier material. Not much gets through these little molecules. Here’s something a little different – a material that absorbs the tough stuff, instead of keeping it out.

It’s Bio-Aabsorb Micro N, from Aabaco. It soaks up up to one gallon of oil for every pound of absorbent material, and is filled with oil-eating microbes that will break down 98% of oil spills within weeks, instead of months.

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Tags: absorbents, oil eating microbes, degradation


Biofuels Digest, 2012-06-26.


Aabaco Environmental