The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEOs 2021

Survey to choose the most innovative bioeconomy CEO of 2021

The circular bioeconomy is innovation, the result of the skills and passion of researchers and managers able to create value and new high-qualified jobs, reconciling economy, society and the environment. At the end of 2014 Il Bioeconomista launched a new initiative: The 10 Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEOs.

We have asked a panel of world bioeconomy experts to tell us the Chief Executive Officers that have stood out as the most innovative during the last year.

The most innovative CEO 2016 was Ken Richards (CEO of Leaf Resources, Australia)

The most innovative CEO 2017 was Tony Duncan (CEO of Circa Group, Australia)

The most innovative CEO 2018 was Jürgen Eck (CEO of BRAIN AG, Germany)

The most innovative CEO 2019 was Alex Michine (CEO of MetGen, Finland)

The most innovative CEO 2020 was Simão Soares (CEO of SilicoLife, Portugal)

This is the result of 2021 (in alphabetical order)


Il Bioeconomista, 2021-12-02.


BRAIN AG - Biotechnology Research And Information Network AG
Circa Group
Enerkem Inc.
Evoco Ltd.
Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.
LanzaTech Ltd.
Leaf Resources Ltd
NatureWorks LLC
Neste Corporation
Novamont S.p.A.
Origin Materials


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