Tender: Executive office of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

New office to taking up its work on 1 October 2018 and, after a transition period, taking over the full management of EIHA

The board of directors of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) decided on 28 April 2018 to issue the following tender for the executive office of the EIHA.

The new office should take up its work on 1 October 2018 and, after a transition period of three months, would take over the full management of EIHA. The deadline for submission is 8 June 2018.

Background of the EIHA

The “European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” was officially founded on 23 November 2005 as a German association. As a German association, the executive office of the association has to be located in Germany. All minutes has to written in German and English.

The EIHA (www.eiha.org) has more than 120 associate and 25 regular members from more than 30 countries. The board of EIHA consists of seven regular members.
For further informaBon please see leaflet of the EIHA: http://eiha.org/media/2014/08/EIHA- Leaflet-1.pdf

Main aims of the EIHA are:

• To support the culBvaBon, processing and use of industrial hemp and its products. • To collect important informaBon on industrial hemp and industrial hemp policy, to publish data about the European natural fibres industry and to establish market figures and trends.
• To establish a regular exchange of informaBon between its members and to co-operate with other national, European and international organisations and associations.
• To represent the industry to EU institutions and national ministries.
• To support communication between national ministries concerning EU policy.
• To provide EU institutions, national ministries, the media and the public with current and reliable information on industrial hemp, to develop and submit recommendations for changes to present laws, regulations, standards and guidelines on EU and national levels.

The core work of the executive office of the EIHA is listed as follows:

Services for all member:

o Member management (new members, inquiries, updates of member entries) o Organising at least two General Meetings per year (agenda, invitation, organisation, presentations, moderation and post-processing such as minutes in German and English)
o Management of daily inquiries from members and non-members (a few hundred per year)
o Two weekly newsletters
o Annual invoicing for all members (providing of the invoicing system, invoice preparation, accounting incl. dunning process) o Full accounBng system for EIHA
o Setting up the EIHA website, providing and updating of the content of www.eiha.org
o Communication with the notary
o Coordination and wriBng of studies, position papers, legal opinions and publications and especially press releases
o Chairing of internal and external discussions

Extra-services for regular members

o Update & moderaBng of the special interests groups
o Submitting special news on the hemp industry Extra-services for the board & advisory commitee
o Management of 6 board meeBngs per year (2 physical and 4 online)
o CoordinaBon of discussions and decisions of the board of directors incl. voting system
o Organisation and moderating of meetings of the board of directors
o Providing and updaBng of the EIHA email addresses for the board of directors, advisory commitee and the members of the executive office
o Update of the letter paper, EIHA leaflet, business cards & application form

Lobbying and networking activities:

o Ongoing, daily information exchange and lobbying in Brussels, at national ministries and other institutions
o Building cooperation, partnerships and coalitions with other agricultural, food and pharma related industrial associations as well as political parties and NGOs
o Organisation of exhibition stands at trade fairs and conferences (e.g. Composites Europe, Grüne Woche, Conference on Bio-based Materials, Conference on Biocomposites, EIHA Conference)

We are looking forward to your offer. The offer should include references and a comprehensive concept how to cover the listed activities and a detailed breakdown of the costs per year for labour, office, IT and travelling costs.


Please send your offer as PDF file to dominik.vogt@eiha.org. The deadline for submission is 8 June 2018.


European Industrial Hemp Association, press release, 2018-04-30.


European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)


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