Telles launch new Mirel bioplastic film grade

The new Mirel™ P5001 film grade will be unveiled at this weeks PACK Expo exhibition in Las Vegas

Mirel P5001 is the latest Telles film grade developed to support organic waste collection intended for anaerobic digestion and municipal composting. Film produced from Mirel P5001 is made from sugars and is designed to be biodegradable in natural soil and water environments, home composting systems, and industrial composting facilities – having been tested to the European standard for compostability, EN13432.

The NNFCC worked in collaboration with other expert groups to develop EN13432. The Centre is also promoting the UK certification scheme for compostable materials through the NNFCC’s UK Renewable Packaging Group (UK RPG), while raising awareness of the benefits offered by more sustainable materials to key players in the packaging supply chain.

Telles say that the new films produced from Mirel P5001 offer good puncture toughness, tear resistance and seal strength, along with good printability and shelf stability. This performance profile makes it ideal for a variety of commercial film applications including compostable bags, merchandise bags and marine uses, says the company.

StarchTech, a distributor and manufacturer of biodegradable packaging solutions for retailers, uses Mirel in its proprietary blend for packing peanuts. General Manager of StarchTech, Dean Bartels, said “Our water soluble packing peanuts are designed not only to protect packages during the shipping process, but also to protect the environment.”

“By using Mirel in our blend of bioplastic, we have been able to improve the performance of our product, without compromising its sustainability attributes,” he added.

Telles will be demonstrating their new commercial film grade, Mirel P5001, along with other products from the company’s family of bioplastics, this week at PACK Expo, booth 5920.


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