Teknor Apex Acquires the business of Nu-Pro Polymers

Teknor Apex, a leading material science company with multiple specialty plastics divisions, is announcing that it acquired the business of Nu-Pro Polymers, Inc (Wheeling, IL) late last year

Nu-Pro works with clean post-industrial (PIR) streams and converts them into new PVC compounds which perform equivalently to prime compounds. Nu-Pro specializes in clear, natural and black reprocessed compounds in a range of durometers.  Under the acquisition, Nu-Pro will continue to produce products for Teknor Apex at this time, under the Cycle-Tek brand as a subsidiary of Teknor Apex.

“We are very excited about this acquisition that will further enable us to develop innovative compounds that meet the performance and sustainability requirements of our customers,” said Lou Cappucci, Executive Vice President, Teknor Apex. 

“Our flexible, reprocessed and recycled PVC compounds incorporate up to 90% post-industrial recycled content.” said Don Brown, Co-Owner, Nu-Pro Polymers. “Our goal is to convert PVC waste streams into products that perform for our customers.”

“Teknor Apex prides itself on providing innovative and sustainable products, whether through development, expansion or partnerships. The acquisition of the Nu-Pro business is another step in ensuring vinyl continues to be a sustainable option in the plastics manufacturing market” adds Sunny Mahajan, Sr. Technical Manager – Teknor Apex, and Business Manager – Cycle-Tek.

About Teknor Apex

The scope of Teknor Apex products encompasses a universe. People around the world encounter Teknor Apex products in a myriad of  forms every day. As a premier compound solutions provider, Teknor Apex is one of the most ethical, customer-connected companies in the industry. A vast range of polymer solutions means each customer receives the best fit for their needs. For nearly a century, Teknor Apex has compounded creativity with technology with each customer, each product, and every single solution.


Teknor Apex, press release, 2023-04-25.


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