Tecnalia leading a BIO project on paints and varnishes

New products using natural, renewable resources to replace conventional solvents

The ECOBIOFOR project is seeking to obtain bio-based coatings, inks, adhesives, paints and varnishes to introduce environmentally-friendly products. A consortium comprising associations of enterprises, companies and research centres led by Tecnalia is looking to replace petroleum-based components by sustainable, bio-based materials. It is about coming up with new products using natural, renewable resources to replace conventional solvents.

This R&D project addresses the need of the coatings industry to put on their market products that are more in line with environmental requirements. The sector needs “greener” components to formulate coatings, inks, adhesives, paints and varnishes, bearing in mind that solvents are one of the main constituents in their formulations.

In response to these problems of the sector, solutions are being put forward within the framework of Green Chemistry principles when developing “Green Solvents” using renewable natural resources. The new formulations will include, firstly, renewable versions of conventional organic solvents (with a lower carbon footprint), while maintaining the same chemical structure and properties; and secondly, new developments in reactive solvents that do not emit volatile organic compounds.

The consortium comprises the following organisations:

– Associations of SMEs, in this case three biotechnology associations – ASEBIO (Spain), APBio (Portugal), and SwissBiotechAssociation (Switzerland) – and two paints associations – CEPE (Europe) and PROCOAT (Italy). These associations encompass a group of more than 1,000 SMEs.

– Three companies, a manufacturer of chemical products – STEARINERIE DUBOIS (France)– and two paint manufacturers – LIPPENS Paints (Belgium) and IRURENA GROUP (Spain).

– Three Research and Development Centres – IUCT (Spain), L’INP-Ensiacet (France) and TECNALIA (Spain).


CORDIS, European Commission, press release, 2014-09-30.


ASEBIO - the Spanish Bioindustry Association
CEPE - Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (ETH Zurich)
European Commission
European Commission: CORDIS
L'INP-Ensiacet - Institut National Politechnique de Toulouse
Stearinerie Dubois
Swiss Biotech Association
Tecnalia Corp
University of Toulouse


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