Technip Awarded Several Contracts for Ethanol and Biodiesel Units

Paris, September 28, 2004 – Biofuels, aimed at reducing various types of atmospheric pollution related to transport systems, are in an active phase of development in Western Europe, and particularly in France, spurred on by the Public Authorities.


Produced through fermentation of agricultural raw materials (biomass), ethanol is used for various applications: drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, solvents, chemicals and more and more often in fuels, either in the form of an additive to gasoline (ETBE: Ethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether) or blended directly with hydrocarbon-based gasoline. Biodiesel is produced through the transesterification of vegetable oils (sunflower and rapeseed oils) and, blended with gas oil, is used in diesel motors. Ethanol fuel and biodiesel are biofuels representing energy that is both clean and renewable.

Within this framework, Technip has recently won six contracts, worth about 35 million euros altogether, for ethanol and biodiesel units which, for most of them, implement the Technip Group’s proprietary “Speichim” technologies.

  • In France, Technip has won an engineering contract from Diester Industrie for a biofuel production unit, based on an IFP process, to be located at Sète. This new unit, with a 160,000 t/y capacity of vegetable oils methyl esters should begin production at the end of 2005.
  • In France, Technip has been awarded, by Ryssen Distilleries, a turnkey project for the construction of a drinks-grade, industrial-grade and fuel-grade ethanol distillery. This contract covers a unit with a capacity of 350,000 liters per day to be installed at the port of Dunkirk. Construction work began last February and start-up is scheduled within the first weeks of 2005.
  • Also in France, Technip has completed a turnkey contract for Sedalcol, an affiliate of the Tate and Lyle group, on its site at Nesle. This project, covering a 120,000-liter/day unit for the production of fuel-grade, industrial-grade and drinks-grade ethanol, was carried out in 11 months.
  • In the Netherlands, Technip has won from Nedalco, the country’s sole ethanol producer, a contract for a 120,000-liter/day unit to be located at Sas Van Gent. The contract covers the turnkey supply of distillation-rectification and fermentation sections for drinks-grade and industrial-grade ethanol. The ethanol will be produced from a by-product of starch production. For this 12-month project, Technip will also supervise start-up, stated for July 2005.
  • Technip has signed with Russian Standard Vodka limited, a leading producer of high premium vodka in Russia, a contract for a new distillery, which will be located at Saint Petersburg and will have a production capacity of 40,000 liters a day of very high-grade ethanol, Technip is responsible for design, equipment supply and assistance during construction and start-up for the distillation-rectification section. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2004.
  • In Pakistan, Technip has won an engineering contract from United Ethanol Industries Ltd., a major sugar group in Pakistan. The contract covers basic design, construction assistance and start-up of a grassroots distillery (raw material preparation, fermentation and distillation). Start-up of this distillery, which will have a production capacity of 120,000 liters a day of drinks-grade and industrial-grade ethanol, is scheduled for early 2005.

Biofuels production process sketch available upon request.

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Technip Press Release Sept. 28, 2004.