Take your chance!

Exhibit your developments and products at the CannaBusiness[sup]®[/sup] 99! There will be more than 10.000 visitors, and over 30 % from abroad

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

We are happy to introduce the world´s largest and most important fair of hemp business, the CannaBusiness® 99.

At the fair´s ground floor, the sucessfull etablish exhibition of the worldwide hemp industry – BIORESOURCE HEMP® 99 – will await the visitor:
The BIORESOURCE HEMP® 99 will present companies, institutes and associations along the entire value-adding chain, from seed up to the first industrial products and consumer products. This area of industrial hemp will be even larger and more important in 1999. Firms will present their latest products of textiles, paper, cosmetics and food here.
Exhibitors of last year´s fair expressed great contentment about business contact and contracts, and there will of course be more this year.

The BIORESOURCE HEMP® 98 is technically attended by nova-Institut. With the experience of the last years, we see the integration of the BIORESOURCE HEMP® into the CannaBusiness® as a chance to present industrial hemp in a professional and adequate manner.

We would very much appreciate to welcome you as an exhibitor
on the 4th International CannaBusiness® 98!

Please do not hesitate to contact nova as well, we will be happy to help you with further informations or any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely

    Michael Karus
    Managing Director nova-Institut GmbH

For more details please contact
Daike Lohmeyer, nova-Institut: fax +49-2233-97 83 69, e-mail nova-H@t-online.de, Internet: www.nova-Institut.de
TriTec GmbH: fax +49-2234-93579-75, e-mail tritec.orga@cityweb.de, Internet: www.cannabusiness.com

BIORESOURCE HEMP 99 – exhibitors

  Firma/Company Land/
Tätigkeitsbereich Fläche
1 Hanf-Faser-Fabrik Uckermark D Faseraufschluß  
2 VER-NA-RO D Faseraufschluß  
3 MotherHemp Ltd. GB Großhandel Hanfprodukte 6
4 TRADEX Import/Export GmbH D Großhandel Hanfprodukte 21
5 Faserinstitut Bremen e.V. D Institut UA
6 International Hemp Association NL Institut 9
7 nova-Institut GmbH D Institut 9
8 The Value: Marketing D Institut UA
9 Nature Culture GmbH D Kosmetika 22
10 Valchanvre CH Kosmetika  
11 Landwarenhandel Alderath A Landwirtschaft  
12 Eisblümerl Naturkost D Lebensmittel 9
13 Natürlich Flori CH Lebensmittel 15
14 The Link D Lebensmittel, Getränke 15
15 dupetit Natural Products D Lebensmittel, Kosmetika 15
16 Hanf Farm D Lebensmittel, Rohstofflieferant 15
17 NaturArt D Lebensmittel, Rohstofflieferant UA
18 EUROHEMP bvba NL Medien  
19 Hanf! Medien GmbH D Medien 28
20 La Cañameria Global S.L. E Medien 10,5
21 Nachtschatten Verlag D Medien 23,5
22 Hanfzeit D Tee 9
23 CASA NATURA D Textilien 15
24 Crucial Europe 100% Hemp NL Textilien 13,5
25 Free Tree Tribal Hemp Concept Thailand Textilien 9
26 Greenhouse Hanf Kontor D Textilien 15
28 Hemp Union Ltd. GB Textilien  
29 HEMP VALLEY DK Textilien 15
30 Hemp works NL Textilien 15
31 HempHats USA/J Textilien 9
32 Joyway D Textilien 9
33 Mamomo AU Textilien 9
34 Naturel-Tec D Textilien  
35 HanfHaus GmbH D Textilien, Kosmetik, Lebensmittel usw. 24
36 Thuner Hanf Center CH Textilien, Kosmetik, Lebensmittel usw.  
37 The Cannabis College NL Verein 9
38 Werkstatt D Verlag 3

UA = Unterausssteller