Symphony attacks ‘absurd’ Californian marketing ban on oxo-bio plastics

Consumer's disposal of bottles to be incorrect in assuming that they would biodegrade quick

Symphony Environmental Technologies has hit out at Californian legislation that it says highlights the ‘absurdity’ whereby it cannot market its oxo-biodegradable plastic as biodegradable in the state.

The firm’s comments followed an October 26 annoncement by the State of California Justice Office, which said that attorney General Kamala D. Harris had filed a lawsuit against 3 companies: ENSO Plastics, Balance and Aquamantra.

Announcing the first such suit unter the state’s 2008 environmental marketing law, Harris alleged that the firmas had made “false ande misleading claims” by marketing their plastic water bottles 11 per cent ‘biodegradable’ and ‘recyclable’.

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foodproductiondaily, 2011-11-18.


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