Swedish initiative on biocomposites to achieve sustainability goals

Biocomposites innovation project will develop new knowledge, materials and processes in four sub-projects

The Swedish research institute RISE will lead the new innovation project Biocomposites, which aims to promote Swedish biocomposite production. Cross-disciplinary skills and strong industrial involvement make it possible to take the results into full-scale demonstration and realisation.

In the transition to a bio-based circular economy, biocomposites have great potential to replace fossil-based materials in many areas. Production of new innovative biocomposites would mean increased revenues for Swedish industry and help Sweden and the EU to meet sustainability targets.The biocomposites innovation project will develop new knowledge, materials and processes in four sub-projects aimed at the segments

• Paper-based bottles for carbonated beverages
• Sheet-moulded vehicle components
• New prostheses and accessories in contact with skin
• Moulded components for furniture and interiors

The new composite materials are based mainly on Swedish forest raw materials and agricultural by-products. The level of the subprojects extends from technology development, such as additive manufacturing of nanocellulose, to the creation of a new value chain for commercialisation.The subprojects are run independently, but are also supported by the “CircularityCoordination” subproject that will measure and describe how results from the innovation project contribute to the transition to a bio-based and circular economy, to social value and to strategic learning.

“If we are to realise a circular economy, we must work together and in new ways. This requires many skills and knowledge about everything from biomass to how different value chains are organised. Close cooperation with industry increases possibilities for scaling up and commercialisation,” says coordinator Dr. Marie-Claude Béland, at the RISE Bioeconomy division.

Biocomposites is a three-year project within the BioInnovation Strategic Innovation Programme which is financed by The Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova), The Energy Agency and Formas. The project coordinated by RISE has a budget of SEK 53.04 million and involves 20 companies, two research organisations, a public actor and a university.



Marie-Claude Béland
phone: +46 8 676 7234
email: marieclaude.beland@ri.se


Innventia, press release, 2017-09-26.




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