Sustainable supply chain: Nordmann receives ISCC PLUS certification

Last month, Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (Hamburg) obtained ISCC PLUS Mass Balance certification. This means that the company can now offer customers in the plastics industry ISCC-certified polypropylene- and polyethylene-based Circular Compounds® from TotalEnergies, made from renewable or recycled raw materials

Nordmann receives International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) certification for the marketing and sale of certified polymers (PE, PP, PS, PA and EVA) made from renewable or recycled raw materials.

Full traceability

Nordmann partner TotalEnergies is committed to building a sustainable circular economy and aims for 30% of the polymers that it processes and manufactures to come from recycled and renewable polymers by 2030. As a trusted distribution partner pursuing its own sustainability strategies, Nordmann has now received ISCC PLUS certification through a shared initiative.

This means that customers can now purchase sustainable polymers from TotalEnergies and/or other manufacturers from Nordmann.

According to Mass Balance principles, manufacturers begin their production processes by using sustainable raw materials instead of fossil resources. This certifies the manufacturing process and subsequent supply chain, guaranteeing that the flow of goods is transparent and fully traceable.

In this way, Nordmann helps customers reduce their own carbon footprints. The certified products it distributes are chemically identical to conventional goods and can normally be used in exactly the same way without any technical adjustments.

Steadily expanding the portfolio of sustainable raw materials

This new certification strengthens Nordmann’s efforts to supply more and more alternative raw materials to the plastics industry. The step by step process of adding raw materials of renewable origin to its portfolio is part of a comprehensive strategy with which Nordmann, together with its partners, is working to support a sustainable circular economy.

“We are very pleased to have received ISCC PLUS certification. It’s an important milestone for us as a distribution company that underscores our claim of being actively committed to promoting a sustainable economy, and it has a positive impact on the entire value chain. We already have plans to extend the certification to other product groups and distribution regions,” remarks Dr. Christian Gradert, Group Director HSEQ & Sustainability at Nordmann.

About ISCC

ISCC is a sustainability certification system, now globally-adopted, that covers circular and bio-based materials. From agricultural and forestry biomass to biogenic waste and residue, recycled materials and renewable energy, ISCC is committed to helping facilitate the transition to a circular bioeconomy. Recycled and biobased products that carry ISCC PLUS certification provide assurance to businesses, brand owners and consumers that high sustainability standards are being met.


Nordmann, press release, 2022-02-07.


International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (NRC)


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