Sustainable carriers made of corrugated board are set to replace plastic bags in the future

“WellBag” is also available in a range of versions and sizes, from a mini shopper for accessories to an XL design for fashion and clothing shops

WellBag_ShoppingThe Klingele Group, one of the leading, independent manufacturers of corrugated base paper and packaging made from corrugated board, has developed an alternative to the conventional plastic carrier bag. The “WellBag”, a bag made out of corrugated board, is distinguished by a successful combination of sustainability and lifestyle design, and can be used in all areas of retail stores. Its market launch is making good progress thanks to environmental protection regulations introduced by the EU and the German Federal Ministry of the Environment.

The horrific images of plastic bag garbage patches floating in the ocean have proven to be effective. By 2019, the EU aims to reduce the use of plastic bags from the current 198 to 90 per person; by 2025, this should be further decreased to 40. This year, the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the retail sector have also agreed to introduce a fee for plastic carrier bags. With product characteristics that are perfectly aligned to the requirements of retail, the “WellBag” immediately fills a gap that is about the emerge in the market. It can be produced using white or brown corrugated board in a range of sizes, and can be printed on all sides, thus offering limitless possibilities for mobile brand presence.

Sturdy, practical, environmentally friendly

klingele WellBag_8989_1000px.jpg.268681Thanks to its stability, it can be securely placed in shopping trolleys; it is also easy to assemble and can be stacked flat in entrance or cash desk areas. The “WellBag” is designed for a wide range of uses, and also looks great when used as a storage bag at home.

In addition to its stability and attractive appearance, the “WellBag” is defined by sustainability. As a single-material solution made of 100% recyclable corrugated board, it has no additional cords, fasteners or similar aids. It is also FSC-certified and can be produced by Klingele in a climate-neutral manner upon request.

Attractive advertising space with wide-reaching effect

The market launch of the “WellBag” comes at the same time as politicians are calling for limiting the use of plastic bags and retailers are implementing sustainability strategies whilst simultaneously opting for a more aggressive sales approach in the face of competition. Offering design flexibility, the “WellBag” is a guaranteed eye-catcher everywhere; at the same time, it presents the seller as a company that is committed to sustainability.

Klingele WellBag2Go_8969_1000px.jpg.268691The “WellBag” is also available in a range of versions and sizes, from a mini shopper for perfumeries or accessories to an XL design for fashion and clothing shops. For shoe stores, for instance, Klingele has developed the special WellBag2Go, which is tailored both to optimal storage in the shop and to customer use. Planning is also underway for a product version with Coverliner, a water-, oil- and fat-resistant paper with a barrier coating in order to protect the bag from moisture.

The “WellBag” is not only an appealing option for wholesalers: smaller retailers that don’t require large quantities can order to “WellBag” online in the Smileypack shop operated by the Klingele subsidiary Blenk.

The right product at the right time

‘The latest regulations from the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of the Environment remind us that we cannot live in conflict with nature in the long run,’ states Dr Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of Klingele. ‘As an ecological and fully recyclable product, our “WellBag” is therefore a good solution at the perfect time. Above all, however, our “WellBag” offers retailers an attractive way to address their customers in a targeted manner whilst offering consumers real added value beyond their purchase.’


Klingele Group, press release, 2016-08-09.


Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Nukleare Sicherheit (BMU)
European Union


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